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    1. Quadrant Shower Enclosure Our quadrant frameless shower enclosures are commonly installed in the corner of the shower room, which largely saves space for other articles.
    1. Corner Entry Shower Enclosure Our frameless corner entry shower enclosure has a wide range of specifications to satisfy various needs of customers.
    1. Front Shower Enclosure To ensure high quality and stable performance, our front shower enclosure panel is made of tempered glass and the frame adopts aluminum materials.
    1. Walk in Shower Enclosure Our walk in shower enclosure is a combination of high quality components, including shower tray, aluminum frame, glass door and support bar, etc.
    1. Bi-fold Shower Enclosure Our bi-fold shower enclosure is specially designed for small bathrooms, with diversified types for customers to choose.
    1. Pivot Shower Enclosure Some of the primary components of the shower partition are made of superior tempered glass, aluminum alloy frame and acrylic shower tray.
    1. Curved Shower Enclosure With delicate structure, our curved shower enclosures are a good choice for customers who want to turn their bathroom corners into an enjoyable shower area.

Shower Enclosure

Classified by function, our shower enclosures fall into integrated shower enclosure and simplified shower enclosure. The integrated type has diversified functions, steaming for instance, and accordingly the prices are higher than those of simplified type. We usually do not accept customized order for this type. Comparing to integrated type, our simplified shower cubicles do not have a roof while there are abundant patterns for customers to choose.

Apart form functional classification, in terms of style, shape of the trays, door structure, and screen materials, our shower cubicles can be divided into several subcategories. For example, there are square, round, fanshaped, diamond shower cubicles and other varieties.

These shower cubicles are basically composed of shower tray, glass door and aluminum frame. Trays can be made of ceramic, Acryl, artificial stone and other materials. As for glass, we adopt tempered glass with high strength to guarantee a stable structure of our shower enclosures. Also, we have patterns of clear, frost, sandblast and more for glass surface. We are confident that our customers can find their desired products.

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Main Products
    1. Shower TrayIn accordance with customers' specific needs, we offer a wide range of shower receptors in different sizes, shapes and other features. Classifying by material, these shower trays fall into stone, acrylic and ceramic shower trays, to name a few. According to dimension, we have 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm shower trays, and more.
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