Front Shower Enclosure

Front Shower Enclosure

Front Shower Enclosure

Top view

The series front shower enclosure is our original design and it has strong structure, stable and smooth sliding. Special logo design covers the screws smartly and emphasizes our brand idea. Standard and customer-made specifications are also available.

Features of Front Shower Enclosure
1. The front shower screen has a stronger top frame, which is made of aluminum 6463 with 3.5mm thickness, getting 8mm after the anodic treatment. The frame is designed with comb structure and double slide track for the door to slide smoothly noiseless.
2. One of the most important parts is the sliding rollers system. The four pulley wheels are made of brass with chrome plated, bright and anti-rust. With large bearing capacity, the four pulleys are strong enough to load 50kg articles, guarantee of a long service life.
3. The wall frame can be adjusted about 30mm if the wall is not straight and it's easy to install. There is also a fine aluminum decoration to cover the adjustable space, which not only conceals the screw wisely, but also prevents dust accumulation.
4. The front shower enclosure has 8mm and 10mm automobile-grade safety glass.
5. This shower enclosure has a special impermeable shutter with strong waterproof function. Using guiding gutter to fix up the glass makes our front shower enclosure different than other products.
6. Different kinds of handles are available in this shower room.

General properties of front shower enclosures

Panel Material Tempered Glass
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Tray Material Acrylic

Technical parameters of front shower enclosure

Product description Dimensions (mm) Width 1200~2000
Height 1900~2100
Thickness of tempered glass 8mm
Glass surface Clear, frost, sandblast, easy clean glass is available.
Frame Silver, matte silver and drawing silver are available.
Aluminum layer can be as thick as 3.5mm.
The frame adopts honey comb structure and double way sliding track, thus the door can pull smoothly and quietly.
Wheel 1. The body of pulley wheels is fully made of copper, through heat forging process, rough and finishing polishing and bilayer electroplating. Thus, the wheels are hard to get rusted.
2. These wheels are allocated with 4 load bearings to ensure the ruggedness when loading 50kg articles.
3. Unique logo design of our shower enclosures not only covers the screw head smartly but also highlights our brand idea.
Handle Optional
Artificial stone Optional
Package Neutral safety carton Package size (cm)

Package information: One shower enclosure is packed in a single carton. Carton has inside high pressure foam to protect corners and edges which ensures safety shipping.

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