Front Shower Enclosure

Front Shower Enclosure

Front Shower Enclosure

Top view

The front shower has a smooth sliding without noise. It has transparent, simple and generous design. In addition, all metal parts are made of stainless steel 304. Customer-made specification is also available. .

Features of Front Shower Enclosure
1. This front shower enclosure is very popular for its 304 stainless steel metal parts, which also makes the whole shower enclosure looks nicely luxury.
2. Due to the strong structure, one 304 stainless steel square bar it installed between walls. It has 30mm adjustable space and two stoppers to protect the glass.
3. The stainless steel surface can be brushed or polished.
4. This type of front shower screen has 8mm automobile-grade safety glass
5. The stainless steel rollers are only installed on the upper frame to prevent dust accumulation and slide quietly.
6. Different kinds of handles are available in this shower enclosure.
7. PVC sealing strip is added to connect the door and wall and protects the glass.

General properties of front shower enclosures

Panel Material Tempered Glass
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Tray Material Acrylic

Technical parameters of front shower enclosure

Product description Dimensions (mm) Width 1200~1600
Height 1900
Thickness of tempered glass Fixed panel 8mm
Door glass 8mm
Glass surface Clear, frost, sandblast, easy clean glass is available.
Sliding track Featuring great firmness and smoothness, the track is made of imported 304 stainless steel. The surface of the track can be covered with a layer of silver or brushed silver.
Pulley wheel Pulley wheels are made of stainless steel and adopt distinctive extra large design, which embodies our brand image.
Handle Optional
Artificial stone Optional
Package Neutral safety carton Package size (cm)

Package information: One shower enclosure is packed in a single carton. Carton has inside high pressure foam to protect corners and edges which ensures safety shipping.

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