Pivot Shower Enclosure

    1. Type A Series Hinge: The pivot hinges of our shower enclosures are fully made of copper, through heat forging process, and thus are safer to use without cracking.
    1. Type B Series Door pull mode: PVC magnetic stripe, with black and white colors for choice
    1. Type C Series Wall clamp: Made of superior copper, through forging process Adjustable and easy to handle
    1. Type D Series Glass surface: Clear, frost, sandblast, easy clean glass is available.
    1. Type E Series Frame: Silver, sand silver, matte silver and brushed silver are all available.
    1. Type F Series Door pull mode: PVC magnetic stripe, with black and white colors for choice
    1. Type G Series Hinge:These hinges can bear more than 100kg without glass drooping.
    1. Type H Series Hinge: Through polishing and bilayer electroplating with 11um thick chromium, these hinges are rusting resistant. Pivot hinges are adjustable in left/right direction and easy to install.

Pivot Shower Enclosure

Our pivot shower enclosure, designed and manufactured by ourselves, features spacious entrance, easy installation and maintenance, long life and stable performance. Some of the primary components of the shower enclosures are made of superior tempered glass, aluminum alloy frame and acrylic shower tray. All these components are wearing resistant and stable, thus can be used for a long time without frequent maintenance.
To provide convenience for customers, we specially make a big size door for entering and exiting. In accordance with customer's request, shower door can also be made into different styles. To illustrate, through alternation of magnetic stripe installation way, the door can be fixed to pull outward or inward. The shower trays are available in square shape, pentangle shape and so on.

Apart from standard size, we also supply nonstandard pivot shower enclosure to meet various requirements of our customers.

Based in Foshan, China, We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of pivot shower enclosure. We have years of experience in producing and marketing shower partition, bathtub shower screen, and bath accessories. With exceptional quality and reasonable prices, our corner entry shower enclosure, shower tray, pulley wheel and other shower equipment are largely sought after by customers.
We welcome global customers to contact us, inquire and buy our products as well!

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