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With years of experience in this industry, we have evolved into a leading manufacturer of shower enclosures, shower stalls, bath accessories, and other shower equipment.

Features of our shower equipment
We offer a diverse line of shower facilities, including quadrant shower enclosure, corner entry shower enclosure, walk in shower stall, folding shower stall, and bath screen, to name a few. Through technical innovation and user-friendly design, we have resolved a number of problems which are common to shower equipment. For example:

1. Glass droop. Our technical department has designed a special, adjustable shower hinge to prevent glass from drooping. We have applied for the patent on this design.

2. Water leakage. In accordance with different room specifications, we design our shower enclosures and shower stalls with suitable aluminum weather bars and water chutes. Additionally, the rubber sealing tape is an integral one, which enhances performance of waterproof.

3. Unstable structure. To strengthen the framework of our shower enclosure and shower stall, we use only high quality aluminum materials from renowned companies. Maximum thickness of these aluminum materials is 3.5mm. For the manufacturing hinges, pulley wheels, and other important components, we use our own designed molds, rather than another company's stock. Hence, they fit better in their framework.

4. Pulley wheels can easily rust, become hard to move, and noisy. Our kirsite or zinc alloy wheels solve this problem. Conventional shower room doors are designed with adjustable upper pulley wheels and detachable lower wheels. The lower pulley wheels of our shower facilities are also adjustable. By optimum design and adjusting, lower wheels will slightly lean on the rail instead of pressing on it. Hence, the door operates more easily and quietly. To prevent rusting, we install the spring inside of the door, thus avoiding contact between alkaline water and the spring. Due to the detachable capability of our wheels, even if the spring were to rust, the performance of our shower doors won't be affected.

In order to help customers feel secure in buying and using our shower equipment, we have built a complete and thoughtful customer service system.

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of shower enclosures, shower stalls, bath accessories, and other shower facilities in China. If you are in need of our products, please contact us! We are certain you will be fully satisfied.

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