Bathroom Fixtures
    1. Quadrant Shower Enclosure With delicate structure, our quadrant frame shower enclosures make great use of the room corner to give you enjoyable bath space.
    1. Corner Entry Shower Enclosure Our frameless corner entry shower enclosure has a wide range of specifications to satisfy various needs of customers.
    1. Front Shower Enclosure With a diversity of specifications, we believe that you could find a suitable portfolio of front shower stall for your bath room.
    1. Walk in Shower Enclosure It's like walking into a tropical rainfall while walking into the shower room. The water dances in the rays of light as it cascades down and caresses your body.
    1. Bi-fold Shower Enclosure Our bi-fold shower enclosure is specially designed for small bathrooms, with diversified types for customers to choose.
    1. Pivot Shower Enclosure Our quadrant pivot door shower stall, designed and manufactured by ourselves, features spacious entrance, easy installation and maintenance, long life and stable performance.
    1. Curved Shower Enclosure With delicate structure, our curved shower enclosures are a good choice for customers who want to turn their bathroom corners into an enjoyable shower area.
    1. Shower TrayIn accordance with customers' specific needs, we offer a wide range of shower receptors in different sizes, shapes and other features.
    1. Bathtub Shower ScreenWe are dedicated to providing bath screens with abundant styles to satisfy each requirement of customers.
    1. HingeWe specialize in producing hinges with different specifications to meet various needs of customers, such as glass to glass 180° door hinge, glass to glass 135° door hinge.
    1. ClampA clamp is a type of fixed hinge. In terms of connection parts, we supply glass to glass and glass to wall clamps. Theses clamps can be designed to turn 90°, 135°, 180° and more.
    1. WheelConventional shower room doors are designed with adjustable upper pulleys and detachable lower pulleys while the lower pulley wheel of our shower facilities is also adjustable.

Shower Equipment

Are you still bothering yourself about choosing a satisfying and economical shower enclosure or shower enclosure? Do not worry now. We can provide a wide range of frame and frameless quadrant shower enclosures, pivot door corner entry shower enclosure, front shower enclosure and folding shower enclosure, etc. As our products come in hundreds of specifications, you can surely pick out the most suitable shower equipment. To provide more convenience to you, we also supply bath accessories, including shower trays, bath screens, hinge and other components.

Features of our shower equipment
1. High quality aluminum materials are purchased from both domestic and foreign well-known companies. The aluminum materials can be as thick as 3.5mm.
2. Self developed aluminum weather bars and water chutes fit for all kinds of room structures. Additionally, rubber sealing tape is an integrative one without cutting. Due to these components, waterproof performance of our shower equipment, like shower enclosures, is greatly enhanced.
3. Adjustable hinges effectively prevent glass from drooping.
4. Our upper pulley wheels and lower wheels are made of kirsite or zinc alloy, and can be regulated simultaneously. So, the lower wheels lean on the rail lightly instead of pressing on it. By this, the push is easier and free from making noises.
5. Moreover, inlaid spring seldom contacts with alkaline water. Hence it is uneasy to rust. Even if the spring is rusted, push performance of shower equipment won't be affected due to detachable lower wheels.
6. Key components of our products, such as hinges and pulley wheels, are designed and manufactured by our company, which can better match with the framework of our shower facilities.

We are a professional manufacturer of shower enclosures, shower enclosures and bath accessories.
By virtue of good quality and user-friendly design, our shower equipment is highly sought after by customers.
If you are interested in our products, we welcome you to contact us!

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